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UI-Router is the defacto standard for routing in AngularJS. version: angularjs/release/">. UI-Router · About · Tutorials · Guide · API Docs · Resources · Blog. UI-Router. State based routing for client-side web apps. Get Started · AngularJS · Angular (2 +). angular-ui-router - State-based routing for AngularJS - - The best

Note: this is the Angular 1.x source for UI-Router version If you are looking for the source for UI-Router version x, it can be found here. State-based routing for AngularJS. * @version v * @link http://angular-ui. * @license MIT License, */. UI-Router for Angular: State-based routing for Angular (v2+) - ui-router/angular. · feat(angular): Drop Angular v4 support, add Angular v6 support.

By using npm install angular-ui-router you will get exactly what was published to npm so it is dependend on the publisher. You can use cdn as. JS (load angular, ui-router, and our custom js file) -->">. Use ui-router in order to manage different states, views and controllers in AngularJS. .com/ajax/libs/angular-ui-router//">. UI-Router --> angular-ui-router .js">.