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Jack chick comics

Chick Publications is best known for Chick cartoon tracts gospel tracts that people actually like to read. These gospel tracts are available in over Harry would rather have his daughter be a drunk than a Christian. But things didn 't turn out the way he expected. An emotional story with a positive ending. C. Jack Thomas Chick (April 13, – October 23, ) was an American cartoonist and . Six of Jack Chick's comics feature Alberto Rivera specifically: Alberto, Double Cross, The Godfathers, The Force, Four Horsemen, and The Prophet.

Chick tracts are short evangelical gospel tracts, originally created and published by American publisher and religious cartoonist Jack Chick. Since his death, his. One of the small pleasures of my teenage years was stumbling across the little religious tract comics created by Jack Chick. I still remember my. Jack Chick, the prolific comics artist and publisher whose paranoid and hate- filled tracts were a subject of perverse fascination for generations.

Chick wrote all of his tracts, although some draw heavily from other like-minded sources. Chick also drew some, particularly the older. Jack T Chick, the cartoonist and evangelist, died on Sunday at the age of Carter's work graced the pages of Chick-written comics during the. Information on Christian tract producer Jack T. Chick.