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Mkbootfs linux

tools to tinker with kernels and ramdisks and bootsplash images - championswimmer/kernel-tools. jberkel/gist copy system/core/mkbootimg/mkbootimg, system/core/cpio/mkbootfs to a directory in your path. i do the same i don't need the hold android source code. mkbootimg stripped from android platform_system_core - pellaeon/mkbootimg- linux.

#include. #include. #include. /* NOTES. **. ** - see from the linux kernel docs for. I found the source code for mkbootimg / mkbootfs. git clone https://android. I found these compilation. 16 May Latest Comments. z3ntu commented on Should conflict with android- tools: bootimg-tools-git: /usr/bin/mkbootimg exists in.

Can anybody compile mkbootimg for linux x86? Since the one's I found in other threads dosen't have --base support. And I don't understand. #!/bin/bash -xv CMD_LINE1="/root/Desktop/build_cm10/android_cm/system /out/host/linux-x86/bin/mkbootfs. z3ntu commented on Should conflict with android-tools: bootimg-tools-git: /usr/bin/mkbootimg exists in filesystem. An arch based Linux distribution. Provides: dtbToolCM fastboot minigzip mkbootfs mkbootimg mkyaffs2image unpackbootimg zipalign. Conflicts.