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Flexgrid 64 bit

Discussion of topic FlexGrid component compatability with x64 bit platform on Windows 7 64 bit OS in ActiveX Edition forum. Discussion of topic Using 32bit VsFlexGrid on 64bit systems in ActiveX Edition I dont know how the flexgrid can see if it is registered or not. Though the bit controls are installed with our Studio for ActiveX installer, many of our customers have asked us queries on how to manually.

In our application, we use Microsoft Hierarchical FlexGrid ActiveX control in several places. The application itself is now written mostly keepsaketours.com but still something. Using this OCX grid control in bit Windows. If you compare iGrid to other well-known grid controls like MS FlexGrid OCX, you will see that their development. We need to port an application developed in VC++ in which the ActiveX controls MSHFlexGrid (keepsaketours.com) and MSChart.

Hi, I am upgrading a Excel VBA6 application to Excel VBA7 bit application. My application uses Microsoft FlexGrid. After upgrading the. 13 Jun - 3 min - Uploaded by mrlichenstein Just follow the instructions in the video. Make sure you have the file to do it though. Hi We need to port an application developed in VC++ in which the activex controls MSFlexGrid and MSChart are used,to 64 bit windows XP/VS But it is.