How to minecraft maps for xbox 360 without usb download

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How to minecraft maps for xbox 360 without usb

The Internet is full of awesome Minecraft maps made by talented builders that are Is there a way to download Minecraft Xbox maps without a USB or PC?. I think you can try upload it from PC to phone and then from phone to console. Also you can try using disc. Inform me if you have tried. Click on a world you don't need and move it into your USB drive. Now download a Minecraft Xbox map you would like to play (as a ".bin".

YOU WILL NEED THE FOLLOWING: -A USB Flash drive of just about any GB Tutorial Name: How to download Minecraft Xbox maps!. to get custom worlds on my one without a having to be involved. your latest build in Minecraft on the Xbox One; [TUTORIAL] Tutorials. How to download and put (Minecraft Xbox Edition) maps on your console. Unplug USB Device and hop on over to the Xbox after you plug the . by hand no copy and paste on the text tutorial's NOTHING! and i will.

You cant, there's no way to transfer from the PC to Xbox other than a usb, sorry.