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Netup speed up mobile internet

Faster Mobile Internet. With Netup, you can enjoy all your favorite apps (YouTube , Facebook, Netflix, Gmail, Chrome, etc.) at the combined speed of your Wi-Fi. A project in Irvine, CA by Shoelace Wireless. The first Android app that makes Internet on your mobile device faster and cheaper, by combining WiFi and cellular connections. Dear Netup backers and supporters, Thank you very much for your support of Netup, it means a lot to us. Netup is the world's first Android app that speeds up mobile internet by combining Wi-Fi and Netup wants to speed up your mobile internet.

Netup makes mobile Internet faster and cheaper. See more of Shoelace Wireless on Facebook. Log In Netup - Speed Up Your Mobile Internet. Netup allows. Overview: Are you tired of slow or unstable Internet connection on your phone? Netup is the first Android app that can speed up the Internet. Hello! My name is Anh and I am with a small start-up called [Shoelace Wireless]( We just launched a.

Download Mobile Internet Speed Up APK for Android (mobile-internet- Mobile Internet Speed Up is a free and awesome Tools app. Netup: Speed Up Mobile Internet ( 1 point by lokeller on Dec 18, | hide | past | web | favorite. Shoelace Wireless, a start-up based in Southern California, just launched and cellular when needed to boost the speed of your favorite apps.