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Rex mundi comic

Rex Mundi is an American comic book series published by Image Comics (– ) and Dark Horse Comics (–), written by Arvid Nelson and. Rex Mundi is an original comic book miniseries by me, Arvid Nelson. It's a murder mystery set in a s Paris where magic is real and kings. Continued from Rex Mundi Vol. 1 (), published by Image. Trade Paperback Collections. Rex Mundi: Crown And Sword (#18 from Image, # from.

First Rex Mundi ongoing series. Continued in Rex Mundi Vol. 2 (), published by Dark Horse. Trade Paperback Collections. Rex Mundi: The Guardian. I can't imagine you didn't know this was coming! Rex Mundi by Arvid Nelson ( writer/letterer), EricJ (artist, issues #), Jim Di Bartolo. Rex Mundi is published by Dark Horse Comics. The cover price is $ Contents[show] Publication Dates Last Issue Rex Mundi vol. 2 # 17 Jun .

Rex Mundi Omnibus Volume 1 TPB. Paris, Europe is still in the grip of feudalism, sorcerers stalk the streets at night, and secret societies. Read your favorite titles for only $! No iPad/iPhone? No problem! Read Dark Horse Digital Comics on your Internet-connected laptop and desktop!. Rex Mundi Omnibus Volume 1 [Arvid Nelson, Scott Allie, EricJ, Juan Ferreyra to read it from the beginning and get at once pages of excellent comic book!.