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Metalhead Poster · Trailer. | Thora Bjorg Helga in Metalhead () Metalhead () · See all 33 photos» .. 1. See full technical specs». Edit. Black Mirror creator explains that 'Metalhead' robot nightmare The robot is full of lethal tricks, ranging from operating a car to re-charging from. "Metalhead" is the fifth episode of the fourth series of anthology series Black Mirror. . The final scene shows a case full of teddy bears, which were yellow in real life but appear white in the episode. Brooker originally considered a gadget such.

The fifth episode of the Netflix show's fourth season is a post-apocalyptic battle between woman and machine. Metalheads face many problems in their lives, these are one of them. Fueled by a remarkable breakout performance by actress Thora Bjorg Helga, director Ragnar Bragason's intense drama of loss, faith.

The season four episode of Black Mirror, "Metalhead," "could be pitched as Black Mirror's take on The To read the full article, click here. But by the time I got to the end of “Metalhead,” I found myself wondering just what the whole thing was supposed to be about. The last shot is.