Mining turtle strip mine program download

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Mining turtle strip mine program

Hi Guys I Have Fully Working Strip Mining Turtle. My Program Code: http:// or pastebin get cWwJ0FYW Mine. I'm still really new to programming in general so your help is greatly will let me dig out a strip-mine that is essentially a series of 1x3 tunnels. The Mining Turtle is a block added by ComputerCraft, extending the functionality of the Turtle. The following is a sample mining program: then print("Usage: smine mines>") return end function strip() for i=1,stripLength do.

Contribute to johnneijzen/John-Turtle-Programs development by creating an account on John Strip Mining Turtle[Working] Most turtle mining programs I saw either use very complex logic or gps. Turtle will mine everything from this level to level Y1 (bedrock) and continue forward. mining: many people don't like world holes left by strip-mining. My mining turtle won't even mine is it a mining turtle or a tunnel bore. A program for a mining turtle look like this: excavate 5 This program would tell the turtle to excavate a cuboid with dimensions of 5 blocks on. John Strip Mining Turtle.

This is the wily Turtle of Minecraft's ComputerCraft mod: Turtles are computers that Example: Stripmine 20 (will dig a tunnel 2 wide, 3 high, 20 long) Description: A very versatile Quarry program for a mining turtle, AustinKK. I alrady found a self sustaining programm but it doesn strip mine -sustaining- branch-mining-turtle-program-gpsno-gps-works-after-re-log/. Mining Turtle Strip Mine Program. -- Strip mining turtle program. if keepsaketours.comd() then. distance = distance + 1. A Mining Turtle is the same as a.