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Minecraft npc plugin bukkit

Citizens is the original Bukkit NPC plugin, adding everything from simple NPCs as possible (Minecraft version, CraftBukkit version, Citizens version, and the. CommandNPC is a plugin inspired by the server Mineplex, which adds a new function to NPCs. It allows users to run commands by simply right clicking on a. The NPC's can have customized skins and items using the commands below. We used a way to workaround the Minecraft update, braking of skins not.

Also this plugin contains a small API allowing developers to make their own plugins based off of player interactions with the NPCs. This plugin. To see the list of commands on your current version of Citizens, simply . so that it will be more recognised by other plugins, will keep chunks. snowman: NPCs This plugin will allow you to create NPCs and edit them very easily. No configuration required. You can make any type of NPC.

The citizens plugins for my server is not working. I enter the command: /npc create bob and nothing happens at all. No error message pops up. Citizens Recoded and Reborn. Contribute Citizens is an NPC plugin for the Bukkit API. It was first Minecraft (for specific compatible version information, see .