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Starcraft 1 cursor

Starcraft 1 Cursor Pack · Maps · Download Latest File. File. Overview · File · Image · Relations · Dependencies · Dependents · Follow. Game Version. Joined June Bulgaria1 Post. June 27 GMT. #1. I thought someone might enjoy this. I ripped it straight from the game. Did a few fixes. Enjoy. Starcraft Original Cursor Set by Morfeo. Collection cursors from Starcraft game credits to Blizzard Entertainment. Diagonal Resize

After I download Client and installed the Setup file of StarCraft Broodwar. after this step the next screen my mouse cursor was disappeared. Default cursor**]( Promotional submissions that exceed "2 per 1 per 1" classic StarCraft mouse cursor pixel-by-pixel in MicroAngelo -- from the original color ten-frame cursor, I created. If the answer is yes, the StarCraft 2 mouse cursor theme is precisely what you might If he or she didn't, then the next one might do the trick.

It's a fairly simple theme that only includes the most frequently used cursors. Most of Starcraft Cursor Theme. Cursors. Source (required if based on other people's work). 0. Score 55%. Product; Files; Changelogs (1); Ratings & Reviews (2). I just had a disappearing mouse issue after the latest SC2 patch. The problem was mouse trails. Disabled mouse trails and cursor reappeared.