Sega genesis game genie codes download

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Sega genesis game genie codes

Home: Game Cheats: Sega Genesis: Game Genie. Sega Genesis (Game Genie). # A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z. - # -. Attack Sub. 1 RHVA-A6WR Invincible 2 RERT-C6X4 Infinite lives 3 AYCT-AAH4 Start with 5 lives 4 BJCT-AAH4 Start with 10 lives 5 DECT-AAH4 Start with 25 lives 6. 1 AXPT-CA7L Beavis doesn't take damage from shopping carts, mice, frozen yoghourt cones, oil, bowling balls, skateboards, thugs, Anderson sewer acid, rats, .

For Genesis on the Genesis, Game Genie Codes by visitante For more Game Genie codes try The Code Hut and GSHI. The Big Book of Game Genie Codes Sega Genesis/Sega CD Import FAQ by Trevor Wilson ( Game. Game Genie Code Creators Club Archive Navigation. Codes Super Nintendo · Game Boy · Nintendo · Sega Genesis · Game Gear · Playstation · Nintendo

SEGA Genesis / Mega Drive Game Genie Code Index. The following is a list of games we have Game Genie Codes for games on SEGA Genesis / Mega Drive. Sega Genesis/MD Game Genie codes and stuff. (the technical / "how to" docs are at the bottom). Click on the game that you want original Game Genie codes for. On the Game Strider you can't get Game Genie codes to work like these codes I already know these codes work in Kega Fusion.